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The Stupid Art Manifesto

Art has been hijacked by authoritarian institutions and psuedo-intellectuals more interested in their wine and cheese than in man's natural urge to create.

Art should no longer be judged by people who do not create art themselves.

Stupid Art rejects work that requires you to read a 10 000 word dissertation to understand some inherently pretentious 'deeper meaning'

Stupid Art embraces its own stupidity and 'lack of intellectual value'. Nothing is too stupid or meaningless to be put on a canvas

Stupid Art believes in love at first sight. Within 5 seconds you will either be in a state of disgust or ecstatic infatuation

Stupid Art accepts and encourages its decorative and stylistic nature

Your requests for conceptual meaning will be met with a kung-fu fist of fury violently forced through the crackling bones in your nose

Your pathetic reviews or screaming opinions in all forums will be met in a similar nature